Application Modernization

Today's businesses require fast reaction to shifting customer needs and demands. Unfortunately most existing applications do not have the characteristics to allow continuous modification or adaptation.

We'll help you determine what components of your existing application stacks can be given cloud-native characteristics, integrate them with modern service discovery tools and secrets management, and deploy them on scalable infrastructure using automated pipelines.

Studies show that the majority of IT spending is used to support and maintain existing enterprise applications. And it makes sense, as these applications and services are typically the core IT assets providing revenue streams or business capabilities.

At the same time, the business is requiring faster adaptation to demands so existing applications must also change, however, not all applications are capable of modernizaiton. Our team will help identify the applications that can be modified, decomposing the stacks into manageable units and developing strategies to provide appropriate levels of modernization. From shifting workloads to the cloud, containerization, and identifying refactoring candidates we have you covered.

Application Assessments

Review current application stacks and identify candidates for modernization initiatives.

Modernization Strategies

Build cohesive strategies to update applications providing modern service characteristics.

Modernization Services

Engineering expertise to quickly lift & shift or refactor applications to support modern life cycles.

Application Modernization Consulting & Service Offerings

We provide a full breadth of consulting and professional services to help you modernize your applications. We can help you identify the candidates which will have the biggest impact from a modernization effort, provide a strategy to update them, and help your team begin the process towards modernization. From migrating to containers to microservices, we have answers.

  • Application Modernization Strategies
  • Microservices Readiness Assessments
  • Application Containerization Readiness Assessments
  • Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker
  • Application Refactoring
  • Application Containerization Strategy
  • Application Migration: Containers
  • HashiCorp Vault & Consul Implementations