2016, the year of GIFEE – Google Infrastructure for Everyone Else

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Have you heard of GIFEE?  If not, now you have.  If you have, you are ahead of the game.

G = Google

I = Infrastructure

F = For

E = Everyone

E = Else

Yep, that’s right.  Google infrastructure for everyone else.  No, I’m not the first to coin this term…but we may be the first consulting firm focus on this space, develop expertise, and help clients build and operate these platforms.

Let’s rewind the clock.  Five years ago, everyone was quite familiar with how the enterprise would manage their IT environment and deploy applications.  Virtualization?  Yep, everyone was virtualized.  Converged infrastructure?  Yeah, have that too.  Way easier to manage than a number of different platforms.  Centralized computing reincarnated.  Maybe even some engineered systems to run big back end services like Oracle.  Point being, everyone was comfortable.  Vendors fat and happy, and customers were at a stasis point.  Times were good.  But there were some teams who saw change approaching.  Here’s one I got five or six years ago from a large telco, who was still hosting email for their customers:  “How do we do what Google does?”  And my response was to checkout the research paper on GFS.  At the time, we knew so very little about what was really going on…

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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski