Cloud Adoption

Cloud infrastructure and services offer elastic scalability and agility while providing a utility expense model, allowing the enterprise to flex as demands and requirements change.

As an Amazon Web Services partner, and having a team fluent in Google Cloud and Azure, we've help address the challenges of adopting the cloud. By using these new tools, developers and operations can meet the needs of business demands.

Through the use of AWS or Google Cloud, the enterprise can leverage the elastic scalability of cloud infrastructure and services and optimize costs. Nebulaworks provides insight and servicess to adopt this new way of managing resources, shifting provisioning from static to on-demand with high levels of automation.

On-demand Provisioning

Skip the provisioning of static resources and the associated wastefull spending.

Elastic Services

Databases, message queues and other services capable of scaling to meet demand.

Serverless Functions

Execute functions based on application needs without provisioning infrastructure.

Cost Optimization

Optimize costs by mapping service requirements with elastic infrastructure supply.

Integrate IT Assets

Connect public cloud providers with current IT assets and extend enterprise services.

Application Portability

Migrate applications as necessary from one provider to another without vendor lock-in.

Cloud Consulting & Service Offerings

Adption of hybrid cloud and cloud-first models can require new expertise and experience. We bring a breadth of knowledge across multiple cloud providers, their automation tools and services to our cloud engagements to help you accelerate adoption. Our cloud consulting and services offerings inlcude:

  • Cloud Adoption Strategy
  • Cloud Services & Automation Workshops
  • Cloud Readiness Assessments
  • Cloud Infrastructure and Services Pilots
  • Cloud Architecture & Implementation
  • Bespoke Cloud Builds
  • Cloud Managed Services