DevOps Consulting

DevOps is a set of principles, methods, and a collaborative mindset. Combined with modern toolchains and a systems way of thinking the enterprise can transform, become more agile and innovative.

Our DevOps consultanting services bring teams together to achieve higher levels of communication, collaboration, and alignment resulting in a new culture. DevOps delivered.

Today's requirements of high-velocity application development and feature release to support the business calls for an updated, agile IT lifecycle approach: DevOps.

To support DevOps initiatives we provide strategic consulting and services. Our DevOps consultants review your current processes and teams identifying constraints and skill gaps. We analyze feature delivery cycles, development and operations technical debt, impacts of unplanned work, and infrastructure provisioning time in your IT work streams. Together we develop and implement strategies to build new processes and team alignments that support enhanced communication and collaboration and lay the foundation for DevOps adoption.

Revised Processes

New and re-engineered processes to remove contstraints and increase work velocity.

Systems Thinking

Removing silos and barriers enables a systems approach to team and tool chaining.

Incentive Alignment

Cultural change depends on incentive alignment driving teaming and collaboration.

Modern Toolchains

Adoption of new tools, chaining inputs and outputs increase productivity and output.

Continuous Learning

Knowledge learned in new process implementation creates team-wide skills & improvement.

Hyper Feedback

Constant feedback enhances collaboration, promoting continuous tuning and enhancement.

DevOps Consulting & Service Offerings

Adopting DevOps is a journey. Our DevOps services help you identify a transformative path forward. From adoption strategy to tactical services, like identifying constraints which have the biggest impact on successful adoption, our team is versed in how to move a team forward from people, organization, and technical change perspectives.

  • DevOps Transformation Strategy
  • Executive DevOps Workshops
  • DevOps Maturity Assessments
  • IT Supply Chain Enablement
  • DevOps Process Engineering
  • DevOps Training & Cerfication
  • DevOps Managed Services
  • DevOps Automation