Our Approach

Nebulaworks approaches consulting services in an agile fashion. Engagements with our team achieve quantifiable results fast by working hands-on with your resources to build rapid prototypes, scale into production, and provide ongoing support.

The backbone of Nebulaworks' consulting services is our Transformative Methodology. Our mission is to support your DevOps and cloud transition. This methodology is consistent and concise: Define a Strategy, Design a solution, Rapidly Implement, and provide ongoing Management and Support.

Our experts identify constraints, areas impacted by change in application development, infrastructure consumption, business strategy, organizational structure, and financial impact. Drawing on our expertise in information insight and business processes, working together we design and deliver winning strategies which are implemented quickly and significantly improve team, application, and business performance.

The Nebulaworks Approach: Listen, Educate, Challenge, Facilitate

We don't lose sight of the end goal...to get technology and services implemented in support of your business. We approach engagements with the mindset to rapidly show success. Oour deployed teams establish a road map to provide both a business and financial foundation for technical success, acting as a force-multiplier. Simple in design, we base our client engagements on these principles:

Listen. Before we begin recommending any services we take time to listen to your goals and challenges. We spend time getting to know the team, current state, and project goals as well as corporate culture, providing a solid business and technical baseline.

Educate. After gathering requirements, education begins immediately. Walking through the various options involved with potential solutions, we nurture a discussion to review options and risks. A foundation of understanding of a proposed architecture and anticipated business impact imparts predictability and mitigates risk.

Challenge. This is the fun part. Our team will challenge the way you approach development and operations. Business and technology are at a crossroads with the general acceptance of agile development, DevOps, cloud and containerized application delivery. We explore how to leverage these, critically reviewing your existing infrastructure, development pipelines, and operations workflows.

Facilitate. Wth the appropriate solution defined we set forth on implementation, using a sprint-based strategy for either rapid prototypes or full production implementations. We don't stop there. Our team continually provides knowledge transfer and educations throughout the project to enhance skills and expertise. And for the technologies and processes not core to your business we're there to supply managed services, providing ongoing design and maintenance support.

Nebulaworks Transformative Methodology

Implementation Services


The first step of any successful project is to have a strategy. Your strategy can be long term or short, but understanding the effects a project has on its environment, impact on the staff, as well as the financial benefits are key to the planning stage. Nebulaworks prides itself in helping our customers determine the this strategy for their business and mapping those needs to the appropriate technology. Choosing the best approach to optimize your projects may be difficult for a number of reasons, which we are well versed and can quickly assess to provide the best solution for you and your business. Nebulaworks transformation strategy is designed to deliver an appropriate framework to align your investments with business objectives, helping you reduce costs and improve service levels.

  • Helps reduce operational and capital expenses by developing a plan to more rapidly optimize your IT infrastructure investments
  • Facilitates greater alignment of IT with business demands by better utilizing existing assets
  • Helps reduce risk and improve time-to-value using highly skilled consultants and an integrated set of tools

As your organization seeks greater value from its IT investments, services must be cost-effective and aligned with business demand to provide the most value to your organization. You must have a highly effective and appropriate infrastructure optimization strategy to avoid risk or over-investing. But choosing the best approach can be a complex task. You need experienced consultants and an integrated set of tools to develop, plan for and execute a strategic optimization and transformation plan.


A poorly performing infrastructure that is not aligned to your organizational goals can severely impact your business, resulting in high operational costs, ineffective decision making and inefficient resource utilization. Nebulaworks has the understanding and experience to help you successfully bridge your strategy to your technical implementation through our vetted design process. The design portion of your digital transformation requires an understanding of your business needs, as discovered in the strategy phase and translates that into the best solution for you. The criteria for the design will account for key solution points:

  • Is your business growing or shrinking?
  • How is the current performance of your infrastructure?
  • What skills do your staff have to support the infrastructure?
  • Are there new requirements for DevOps or micro services?
  • Can a hybrid Cloud approach benefit your organization?
  • Is pure open source or commercially supported software best for you?

Nebulaworks will align these thoughts into a design. This encompasses your long term goals for operational efficiency, scalability and support. The Nebulaworks design uses a structured methodology to help provide a framework that can bridge the gap between strategic intent and deployed tooling as well as processes. The architecture and design phase of any project should provide an efficient method to produce an integrated solution while helping ensure alignment with your business strategy.


The evolution of implementation services has resulted in outsourcing and offshore teams; a simple tactic for reducing costs by shipping some, if not all non-core work overseas. Not with Nebulaworks.

Nebulaworks provides professional consultants that understand how to deliver and have the mindset for technical innovation. Many customers make the mistake of thinking they can deliver a project without the aid of a specialist or integrator and this can lead to huge problems in the future.

Utilizing Nebulaworks as your builder is an intelligent decision. We specialize in the delivery of complex environments, built with complex technologies, with superior project management. The devil is in the details! Nebulaworks, following best practices will provide an environment which we know will meet your objectives. Our superior understanding of the technologies we consult on, from infrastructrue tools, cloud providers, and DevOps tooling combined with hands-on experience in DevOps methodologies, business, and management consulting is a winning combination. We deliver our solutions in conjunction with your team, providing a constant transfer of knowledge which results in a true understanding of the new environment.

Metrics tied to Outcome
  • What business outcome do you hope to achieve?
  • What capabilities do you need to achieve the desired outcome?
  • Will your SLAs have been determined based on your business objectives?
Transformation Scope
  • Is cloud part of your delivery process?
  • Are your strategic contracts structured vertically?
  • Are developing generic or customized services?
  • How are your partners tied to your strategy?
Integration and Governance
  • What are the essential control points?
  • How will Development or Operations roles change?
  • Will you manage and coordinate services across providers or use a service integrator?

Managed Services

We don't quit once the implementation work is done. Continued access to our resources and ongoing maintenance of your environment and workflows is critical as your company adopts new technologies and practices. Our knowledge of your environment provides quick integration, accurate answers to questions and keeps everything operating at peak performance.

Nebulaworks takes a different approach to managed services. By combining your internal technical resources with the scalability of our consulting and partner network we are able to support more technologies at a lower cost. You don't need to spend the time, and money to hire and train new teams just to make a transition to a DevOps model. When we add our in-house monitoring and logging too, Yeti, our team can proactively manage your infrastructure and applications. Our ongoing support helps bridge the knowledge gap with new tools and processes which make up container-based service deployment and orchestration, allowing your developers to focus on developing, not managing environments.

DevOps Subscription Services

If you are not interested in building a team to continuously update and manage automation and platform technology, we have a solution: DevOps Subscription Services. By selecting a monthly service level, it allows you to consume the support that you require. We believe the entire Information Technology stack, both people and technology, are critical to keep DevOps methodologies running at their peak performance. As you move development closer to production support, to the extreme "NoOps" (where developers suppoprt their own microcservices, a.k.a. the "Netflix model") there are new challenges in supporting your platforms. The cost to keep staff on board, trained, and up to speed on all related technology is overwhelming.

By engaging Nebulaworks we provide the required expertise and skill to provide management and support of your platforms and expertise to your developers and internal resources. We can support all aspects of DevOps and operations, from the compute, storage, network, virtualization, operating system, containers, all the way to developer tools, platforms, and CI/CD tooling, leaving your team to keep the focus on the business.

Taking this a step further, as you make the transition to deploying services in a hybrid or public cloud, we extend the same benefits beyond the four walls of the data center providing the same insight across platforms and geographies.

For more information on how the Nebulaworks Managed Services offerings can help you save money, become more efficient, and scale effectively, Contact Us