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One of the things I have noticed over the past few years is that I seem to be waiting more and more. My town seems to be getting denser, thus causing lines at the grocery store, gas stations, etc. For those of you that are married, I am sure you can appreciate the title. When thinking of all this time, it seems to be wasteful. My valuable time, just waiting on something or someone else.

In Technology, this is truly the case. I was always waiting for something to complete my project; ordering hardware, software, waiting for the network to be built or configured, security, a VP’s signature (you know who you are)… more waiting! It is amazing I am still sane.

In manufacturing, a product is built when ordered and JIT (just in time). I think of the Cloud with the same mentality. The IT infrastructure build can take 4-6 weeks or more to get to the point where the developer can start porting their code to the new environment. Most organizations fail to plan that far in advance, causing products to be behind schedule, animosity between groups and overall dis-satisfaction. Instead of waiting for the environment to be built, you can provision what you need (JIT). If you only need it temporarily, you can archive it and decommission it. Try doing that with your EMC storage; No take backs, hehe.

Additionally, the DevOps strategy is all about time to market and efficiency. Developers and Operations work as a team, to empower each other and get their project or application completed in a timely manner. No waiting for hardware, software, testing, etc. Provision and get that application out the door. Operations worries about managing the applications not if a hard disk is underperforming or when the next disk shelf is coming. DevOps is about much more than the technical infrastructure shift. Companies are going to need to change their method and move to the DevOps partnership model. Granted, the advance still relies on people, process, and technology for DevOps to be effective. The cloud by itself doesn’t do anything to streamline an organization and it is up to the business leaders to recognize the company culture needs to change to adopt this strategy.

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Christmas Gifts for your favorite reseller; Start saving Now!

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If you have been in the Data/Technology business for a few years, you have probably gone to lunch, attended a lunch and learn and/or  purchased equipment from a reseller (or VAR). Believe it or not, there is a very delicate ecosystem between three parties: the Customer, Manufacturer, and Reseller. There is a distinct responsibility by each party to achieve the end result; the solution.

The Customer – has a business need
The Manufacturer – has done R&D to create a hardware/software product to solve a technical need
The Reseller – Listens to the customer business problem and solves using a manufacturer’s technical product

Seems pretty simple, but as the Public and Hybrid clouds gets better recognition, this dynamic will change. Customers will get over the fact that they do not own their infrastructure and can focus on the business solution. Do you know (or care) where your power at your home comes from? All you know, as a consumer, is you plug in your device and it works.

The new dynamic will still use manufacturers, who will sell to Cloud providers and mega-Enterprise companies. Some companies will still need to own their equipment but this is purely out of regulation requirements, not the need to swap equipment every 3-4 years. Consulting on business issues and which Cloud provider will be the new frontier for your solution.

Look at the financial landscape of the technology industry and see who is investing in building a Cloud to resell to consumers? Most of the big guys, right? Start saving now to buy your favorite reseller a great Christmas gift. They will probably not be around much longer and will appreciate the gesture. If you don’t believe it; remember the guys who sold CSU/DSU’s? Yea, me either.

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This post was written by Gerry Fleming