5 (more) big challenges facing CIOs and IT leaders in 2015

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Nebulaworks’ Chris Ciborowski addresses challenges facing CIOs in 2015:

Challenge #7: Address the cloud decision

With all of the press surrounding cloud computing, you’d think that it’s taking over the business world. You’d think that businesses are rushing to move everything to the cloud.

Not so fast.

In reality, we’re seeing a mix of in-house apps and cloud apps. Businesses are moving some apps and services to the cloud, but keeping others in-house.

This trend will only grow. We’ll see more businesses balancing the public cloud with the private cloud. The challenges and questions facing CIOs: What should they move? Do they build out their own private cloud, or buy an on-premise infrastructure?

“2015 is the year where IT executives are going to be forced in making a choice regarding private cloud computing,” says Chris Ciborowski, Founder and Managing Partner of Nebulaworks. “Today, many organizations have dipped their toes into the cloud, primarily solving single issues by employing Software as a Service (SaaS). Low hanging fruit, for example desktop backup and archive, document management and e-signing, are easily implemented. However, to fully adapt to the needs of the business – primarily mobile services and flexible, scalable web applications with data centricity challenges – organizations will look to build on-premise clouds. In doing so, IT leadership is faced with a significant challenge: To buy a product, such as a commercial distribution of OpenStack and therefore potentially compromise flexibility with architectural decisions which have been made to address the market a vendor is targeting. The other option, is to architect and build their own clouds by employing open source software, opting for non-commercial support. The latter, providing increased flexibility and agility. Either way, the private cloud is forthcoming…the question for 2015 is buy or build.”


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Thanks for attending our event: Leveraging Open Source Software and the Cloud in 2015 and Beyond

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Thanks to all of our customers who attended Leveraging Open Source Software and the Cloud in 2015 and Beyond last night at Bosscat Kitchen and Libations. We had a fantastic evening, talking with you about the cloud and open source software, but most importantly learning about the details around bourbon whiskey.

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The #1 Information Security Issue Most Companies Face With Cloud Computing & Storage

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As cloud security risks grow, Digital Guardian compiled tips from data security experts on the most common (and avoidable) issues companies face when it comes to the cloud and securing their data. To do this, they asked 27 cloud computing and data security experts to answer this question:

”What is the number one issue most companies face with cloud computing and data security, and what can they do to address the issue?” Nebulaworks Co-founder Chris Ciborowski provides his expert opinion: 27 Data Security Experts Reveal The #1 Information Security Issue Most Companies Face With Cloud Computing & Storage:

In my experience the number one issue many companies face with cloud computing is…

Understanding what “the cloud” is and how cloud computing should be utilized given unique business requirements. Until an organization understands what a cloud encompasses, in its entirety, determining the best approach is an effort in futility.

Consider the fact that today there is no standard definition of Cloud. At the most basic level we can reference two methodologies: Delivery methodologies – public, private, hybrid deployments, and Service methodologies – infrastructure, platform, or software. And each of these are not mutually exclusive.

Take for instance an company which is looking to gain agility in application deployment by utilizing Platform as a Service (PaaS). Deploy PaaS and push applications quickly, allowing developers to work towards the demands of their internal users without the overhead associated with typical application development and delivery life cycles. However, PaaS can be utilized in the public, private, and hybrid cloud. Depending on the business needs – security, data centricity, etc., one delivery methodology will be a better fit than others. So it is important to start with a clear set of definitions.

Adding to this, each technology and provider approach is usually different and these can have a massive impact as use cases are mapped to a solution. Companies can easily spin up elastic compute resources in a public cloud today if time agility is required. But if the needs of the business change at a future point – for various reasons – they could be forced to abandon the work already completed in favor of a different technology or provider. Companies want to move away from vendor lock-in, and that is what the cloud should promise. Having a clear understanding of capabilities and limitations is critical in making sure a solution deployed today is cloud agnostic.

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Nebulaworks Names Joshua Bradley as Vice President of Engineering

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Corona Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

Nebulaworks, a leading provider of cloud solutions and IT services, has named Joshua Bradley as Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Bradley’s start is effective November 10, 2014 and he will be located in Southern California.

“The inevitable transition of companies into the cloud presents an opportunity to bring agile and efficient information services to the Enterprise that until now have existed in the realm of public cloud providers,” said Bradley. He continued, “I’m excited to join Gerry and Chris along with a team of talented engineers at Nebulaworks to combine our knowledge and talents together in creating solutions that will help businesses make that leap into the cloud.”

Mr. Bradley will be responsible for the development and direction of the Company’s engineering team, leading the growth and IT transformation for their Clients. In addition, he will be working directly with partners and manufacturers on strategic initiatives related to the company’s cloud solutions.

“Nebulaworks is pleased to have Joshua join the management team as VP of Engineering. Joshua has a diverse background with several technologies and offers a fresh perspective coming from one of the hottest startup’s; Fusion-io. Joshua will dedicate his attention to furthering our strategic technology direction and supporting our Enterprise customers by organizing our engineering team,” said Gerry Fleming, Managing Partner.

Bradley joins Nebulaworks from Fusion-io where he became Director of Sales Engineering for the Americas, and where he built and led engineering teams both in the US and internationally. Prior to Fusion-io Mr. Bradley worked at various IT firms where he led teams in the design and deployment of private infrastructure and complex integrated software solutions.


Nebulaworks is a leading cloud solutions integrator and IT consultancy for Fortune 1000 companies. Serving as cloud delivery and IT enablement experts, Nebulaworks’ extensive experience with open source and cloud technologies empower business innovation and transformation. Our partners and focus technologies include OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Red Hat, VMware, SoftLayer, Docker, and others.

Nebulaworks is headquartered in Corona Del Mar, California. To learn more about Nebulaworks, please visit http://www.nebulaworks.com.

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