5 Ways to Enhance Yourself in 2015

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As 2014 comes to a close, I like to look back and revue the good bad and the ugly from the year. The only way to improve yourself and your circumstances is to carry out an exercise such as this. 2014 brought me to a new challenge; starting a business from the ground up. I have truly enjoyed the task and it has not come without frustration, joy and satisfaction. My partner and I have received much advice, but there is no advice that over rules common sense and examining the facts.

As a reflection for 2014, I offer these 5 ways to enhance your career for the New Year:

#5 – Clean up your Social Media. Social media is the way people research you.  If you do not have a LinkedIn, you probably don’t want to develop your career. LinkedIn is for you work and Facebook is for your friends; don’t confuse the two. The first thing someone does after you hand them a card is to go to LinkedIn, see where you went to school, where you worked and send you an invitation. Second thing they do is go to Google and see unwanted pictures of you in college (haha… just kidding). The invitation is an extension of their team and (in most cases) you should graciously accept. I would highly suggest having a professional picture taken of yourself for your account. Why? If I was hiring someone as a Project Manager (example), do I want to see a picture of him from 1986? Do I want to see a picture of him with his puppy or him at a Yankees game? No! I want to view his Professional profile. Take this seriously; you can joke around and show your personality later.

#4 – Challenge Yourself. This is near and dear to my heart. You need to review your actions, the results and ask yourself “How can I do this better” and “How can improve the outcome”. I was taught to under-promise and over- deliver. If you are stale in your job and sit around complaining, you only have yourself to blame. There is plenty enough information on the internet to research and build a better mouse trap. I like to continue to challenge myself on a daily basis, which in turn, challenges the people around me. Knowledge is strength and we live in the best country in the world. If other people can come to America and succeed, it is a shame to sit around and complain that you cannot. Challenge yourself to be in better shape, excel at work, home and your relationships. It’s all there, you just need to get motivated and do it!

#3 – Participate. It is amazing to me how many people are arm chair quarterbacks. Here is an example: I am in extensive negotiations with a very large customer for a service contract. This is going on for a few weeks and each call is literally hours. After it is all over, I have three or four people come to me and tell me; you should have done this, you should have said this… really? How about a little participation? You have a voice and can offer advice. Anyone can look after it’s over and point out flaws. Grab the bull and ride it! Jump in and help with the decision. Show you have a brain and can offer something and maybe, you will progress in your life. There are no stupid questions.

#2 – Show patience.  I am not the most understanding of people and am working to be a more patient person. We all want things done quickly, defiantly, with no mistakes, but it often doesn’t happen that way. First thing is to be thoughtful towards my family and friends. They are part of my core and I need them more than they need me. Who wants to be around someone that is demanding and impatient? Second thing, have patience for others around you. I really don’t know what is happening in the lives of people I work with, my customers and perfect strangers, BUT a smile and civility is contagious. I have tried a test that I challenge you to try. Go to a public place, preferably a very busy service place, such as Starbucks. Look at the people in line and see the energy they put into the person on the other side of the counter. Drones! You get out what you put in. Now, smile, ask the person taking your order how they are, if they put any lights up for Christmas, say please and thank you and see how they respond. It never fails to amaze me that they will always smile back and be very receptive. Give a little to get a lot.

#1 – Help someone else. Most of us have had a level of success. I would say it is an earned reward, but there are others that are less fortunate. You can have success at work, make tons of money, have a good looking family, but never help out someone else. That is the responsibility of someone else. Guess who that someone else is? Give someone less fortunate than you your time… Time is a valuable asset. I had great parents that often helped out folks that were less fortunate and they were really alongside them. I mean they were not that better off than the people they were assisting. What little we had, they shared and it was very inspiring as I got older. As a kid, you don’t understand that many people will struggle throughout their life. The people that succumb to asking for help are people that do not have any other choice. They cannot succeed alone. It is very rewarding to volunteer. There are a number of organizations you can work with; Habitat for humanity, your local city, the boy scouts, the girl scouts, and the local church. Hold your hand out and give some time… If you give two days over the course of a year, you will feel so much more in your life. Try it. I guarantee you will be a believer in humanity and be a great example for those around you. Imagine the world if we all offered up this two day challenge?

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This post was written by Gerry Fleming

2015 Forecast: More Hybrid Cloud

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So, 2015 is nearly upon us…and it begs the question:  What will be the trending technologies?

Based on what we saw in 2014, we feel that one area of expansion and mainstream acceptance will be the Hybrid Cloud.  We believe that in the end the hybrid cloud does make most sense for distributed, orchestrated computing.

In our opinion, the true promise of the hybrid cloud is when an enterprise can take advantage of any provider, seamlessly utilizing publicly available solutions as well as those deployed on premise. Stitching this together is easier said than done, however, there have been some major advancements in 2014 which makes this approach much closer to reality.

There are many who have enabled hybrid IaaS using tools from both VMware and OpenStack as well as third-party solutions for seamless virtual machine and instance launch and migration between providers. This is fantastic, the tools are solid and well tested and most enterprise IT will be able to adopt this approach quickly.

However, the real power of hybrid cloud computing is harnessed by focusing on orchestrated deployment of application and services themselves.

Today the market is focused on two approaches and enabling technologies which makes this a reality: Container-based application deployment and orchestration (i.e., Docker, LXD) and Platform as a Service (i.e, Cloud Foundry and OpenShift). Both containers and PaaS are similar, abstracting the application and supporting software and libraries away from the infrastructure, therefore enabling easy portability. Depending on the requirements of an application (data gravity, security, etc.) one component can run on premise, while another is launched publicly. While containers and PaaS enable a portable application in a hybrid cloud model, each approaches the solution from a different perspective. Containers, providing a repository and extremely flexible unit of portability; PaaS focusing on providing integrated deployment, scaling, and service brokers. But they are not mutually exclusive as two major PaaS technologies are moving toward supporting Docker containers as a unit of execution.

It is clear this is the future, as Microsoft, EMC, IBM, Red Hat, and HP have all announced projects supporting this approach with their suites of both private and public offerings. 2015 will be an interesting year indeed – especially on the hybrid cloud front.

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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski

Building Enterprise Clouds And Enabling DevOps For Innovative Business

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If your company is looking to deploy services at high velocity and scale with cloud-native, web applications, Nebulaworks is right partner to assist you with enterprise cloud deployments. Chris Ciborowski, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Corona Del Mar, CA based Nebulaworks shares, more details in the interview below:

Nebulaworks – Building Enterprise Clouds And Enabling DevOps For Innovative Business, an Interview with Chris Ciborowski

If your company is looking to deploy services at high velocity and scale with cloud-native, web applications, Nebulaworks is right partner to assist you with enterprise cloud deployments. Chris Ciborowski, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Corona Del Mar, CA based Nebulaworks shares, more details in the interview below:

Q: Chris, tell us something more about Nebulaworks and your services?

A: Nebulaworks’ focus is solely on assisting organizations with cloud deployments. Identifying and taking advantage of the promises made by the cloud begins with a deep understanding of cloud technologies and methodologies and how to align these to business requirements. Our services, technology expertise, and partner tools all revolve around supporting this single concept – which in many cases requires a logical, phased approach to adoption.

Q: How does Nebulaworks differ from other cloud solution integrator companies?

A: That is a good question, one we receive often. The answer is two-fold: The technologies we recommend and support are used in large-scale enterprise cloud deployments today, both commercial offerings backed by open source upstream projects or the open source bits themselves. These are cutting edge tools, used to deliver extreme scalability, agility, performance, and innovation. Secondly, our team is made up of consultants and engineers with many years of experience in the architecture and delivery of enterprise, high-performance UNIX and LINUX environments, application development, and technology operations. The approach to IaaS and PaaS, both on premise and off requires an understanding of these concepts and methodologies and how they can be integrated together to complete a solution greater than the sum of their parts.

Q: Your clouds extend beyond infrastructure as a service and enable innovative use cases, tell us something more?

A: This is a key value of working with Nebulaworks. A little background: Our initial thought was that enterprise uptake of IaaS – specifically OpenStack – was well on its way to seeing mainstream adoption. What we found was that while most companies had heard of IaaS, adopting the “field of dreams” approach (if you build it they will come) was not enough. Most applications, development and operations teams are just not aligned properly to take advantage of IaaS. By extending the reach and functionality of IaaS clouds with Platform as a Service and container-based application deployments, integrated with continuous delivery and deployment tools we are able to help the enterprise innovate and capture a competitive advantage. Solving for real-world business challenges with our use cases; such as the delivery of scalable mobile and web applications at high velocity with continuous delivery pipelines, easily allows organizations to map needs to technology. With this mapping in hand we shed light on why and how to deploy working clouds.

Q: What is the QuickStack Cloud Cell?

A: The QuickStack Cloud Cell is reference architecture for OpenStack deployments. We feel that an IaaS should be something that is easily operationalized…without needing to spend months determining what hardware and OpenStack configuration is required for turning up a private cloud. We have evaluated a number of hardware and OpenStack vendors and have developed an easy way to deploy OpenStack. Our Cells can be quickly turned up, either on premise or off, to begin testing existing applications, extend native support to PaaS and containerized services delivery, or repatriate IaaS services from public cloud computing providers. With a few questions, we can make recommendations on the easiest approach to get started.

Q: What are your plans for 2015?

A: Sustainable growth. We do not want to grow too large, too rapidly. This also will help maintain our culture. Both myself and my business partner, Gerry Fleming, want to keep the feel we have today where everyone is a contributor and working to enable “the new enterprise IT.” We also plan for continued sponsorship of technology meetups and events in Orange County and San Diego, helping to educate folks on new technology. Oh, and cannot forget about having fun too. Depending on the team member it could be anything from photography to golf, snowboarding, or pretending to be a race driver :)

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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski