What we’ve learned providing Docker Training to over 300 people

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14 months ago, we signed on as a Docker partner.  At the time, there were not any formal programs or authorizations.  In fact, we were one of the first to discuss how we would bring expertise to the table to help with enablement, around a product barely a year old.  We explained our in-depth experience with the concepts, leveraging our experience with Solaris Zones and BSD jails, which our team had deployed for over a decade at some of the worlds largest companies including Verizon.  The Docker team was excited, we were stoked, and became the first Docker training partner on the West coast.

Since things were so new we embarked on a journey to start our education and evangelizing of the technology.  I started to two Docker meetups (San Diego & Orange County) and offered our first round of public training.  Since that time, we have held many more public trainings throughout the US, were asked to participate at DockerCon 2015 by teaching a class, have taught many, many, private trainings to our clients, globally.  These include startup and Fortune 100 organizations.  All told, we’ve trained over 300 people!

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