The presence of strong Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a goal since the late John McCarthy coined the term in 1955. What does the future hold for such an intriguing field? Cloud computing may hold some answers. The cloud offers convenient ways to traverse large volumes of data and access low cost computing which has been made possible by cloud computing infrastructures.

Alphabet Inc, headed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin, has maintained a top secret program titled Google X that has attempted to solve the problem of the driverless car using AI. Industry giants like Alphabet, Facebook, and Amazon regularly utilize AI and machine learning for products they offer and strive to develop innovative ways to automate business problems. Businesses that utilize AI techniques and leverage the power of cloud computing are setting themselves apart by mining the vast amount of data that flows through their databases.

The era of personal computing and the internet has generated a superabundance of data in the form of audio, video, and text. Artificial Intelligence and it’s subsets will be prime tools to analyze this data to generate relevant insights and solutions. Cloud computing will play a large role in the way scientists from all fields apply AI techniques due to the availability of cheap, high performance cloud computing. These techniques will allow new knowledge to be discovered in a plethora of fields including finance, business, medicine, and knowledge representation.