Recapturing $2.6 Trillion in IT waste with DevOps

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Wasteful spending is all around us. Federal, state, and local government, companies of all sizes, and likely even your own household. Come to think of it, why am I paying for that landline again?  So, the question begs…when evaluating IT spend, do you contemplate new approaches (like DevOps) to help reduce waste?

Wasteful behavior isn’t usually something that anyone sets out to exhibit. Rather, it is a result of maintaining the status quo. Contracts are negotiated, teams are built, technologies deployed. Then we move on to addressing the next challenge. Over time we standardize and create processes in an attempt to keep costs in check and control waste. Unfortunately, many times we are measuring success against historical data, like industry standards for year-over-year discounting. So we press on, spending on items we believe are required albeit at reduced cost.  Success you say?  We’ll get back to that.

In 2014 Gene Kim (co-author of The Phoenix Project) asserted that there is roughly $2.6 trillion in opportunity cost directly related to wasted IT spend. Let’s think about that. By continuing down “Status Quo Avenue”, collectively we’re missing out on opportunities equalling 2.6 trillion dollars. That could be expanding into new markets or garnering additional market share, faster feature release cycles, or even increased operational efficiencies. Assuming that this number is reasonably accurate, how does one go about identifying previously overlooked or endemic waste and use this to capture new opportunities? More specifically, how can DevOps be used as a mechanism to accomplish this or catalyze our efforts?

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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski