What went down at our Docker Global Mentor Week Meetups!

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It has now been a couple weeks since we organized two editions of this years Docker Global Mentor Week (GMW). Having worked with Docker for nearly three years as a partner, we’ve found that the best way to help facilitate the correct adoption of Docker is to give back to the community…and what better way to do so than provide FREE education! That’s right, FREE! As in a no-cost option!

Here’s what transpired at our Docker meetups!

Take 1: Orange County

This year we held the first GMW at our office in Irvine, CA. We kicked off the evening with discussion between meetup attendees and Nebulaworks provided pizza and beverages. From there, we started in on the content delivered by our own Joshua Bradley. If you haven’t had a chance to work with, attend a training, or just plain talk with Joshua you need to…the guy is a walking encyclopedia on Docker and container technology (amongst many other things). Finishing up the preseo developed by Docker we set in on the lab work.

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Chris Ciborowski named a Docker Captain!

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Two weeks ago, Docker named our own Chris Ciborowski a Docker Captain!

This is a prestigious title, granted to individuals in the Docker and container community that have shown technical depth, leadership, and community involvement supporting the Docker project. Chris is one of roughly 60 Captains, globally.

Chris was recognized for his efforts in promoting Docker and his extensive experience in operationalizing containers. He is the founding organizer of the Orange County and San Diego Docker Meetups, and has been actively working with Docker for over three years. In addition, he architected and implemented one of the first production orchestration platforms using Docker Engine CS 1.6 into both Swarm (v.0.2) and Mesos/Marathon environments.

Although he is part of the Nebulaworks leadership team, Chris is active on customer projects and transformation initiatives. When he’s not helping clients and the Nebulaworks team implementing disruptive technologies, he’s out speaking and educating others about the merits of DevOps.

To learn more about the Docker Captain program, visit https://www.docker.com/community/docker-captains.


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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski