HashiCorp Tool Training is Key to DevOps Success

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On February 1st, we announced that Nebulaworks is a HashiCorp Authorized Training Partner. We’re super excited about this new partnership, one we have been working on for quite some time with the HashiCorp team. Over the past three years, Nebulaworks has been recommending and implementing Consul, Vault, and Terraform to help deliver secure and scalable solutions to our customers as part of modern toolchains supporting DevOps. It is only fitting that as official training on the products became available through a formal partnership program that we would be interested. We can’t wait to see our partnership with HashiCorp grow. But why is training, especially on these tools, a key component to DevOps success? That’s the topic for this post.

A Brief Review: DevOps Principles

DevOps is a way of thinking, a collaborative and highly communicative approach to the software development and IT lifecycle. It is based on a set of principles that an organization can adopt to optimize their development and IT operations processes. While where an organization starts with DevOps adoption is unique, there are a set of fundamental practices. Whether starting with people; by shifting team member skills, realignment of individual goals and responsibilities or the addition of new team members or defining transformative tactical projects which will be addressed a new way, the foundational principles of DevOps remain the same and are the foundation for adoption:

  1. Optimizing the global performance of left to right work streams (i.e., from business, development, and IT ops)
  2. Amplifying feedback loops from right to left, to support continual corrections
  3. Continuous learning and experimenting across teams and work streams

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