Times Change and So Shall Your Technology Partners

August 26, 2017 10:54 pm Published by -


It may be time to evaluate your partners

We are at an inflection point for new technology and process adoption. We are under a time of rapid change and there are several new tools and processes available to the enterprise that can enable dramatic cost savings, time savings, and modernization not seen for a decade. But recommending and consuming these; from a perspective of adoption and integration is a foreign concept to most folks, including legacy technology vendors and system integrators.

Just this past week, I had conversations with four technology manufacturers that are struggling to find teams to work with that understand new approaches and tool chains. For many this may seem like a captain obvious statement; new tools mean that they haven’t been widely adopted and finding experts is difficult. But that is not what is concerning. More so are the number of vendors that are selling transformation and change without a real understanding and practical experience of what they are pitching.

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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski