Ring in 2017 with Five Technology Predictions

December 28, 2016 12:52 pm Published by -

Happy Holidays 2017 Technology Predictions

Well, 2017 is almost upon us. It is also the time of year where we reflect on the previous year, give pause, and think about what we may see in the New Year. This is our look back and look forward. We enjoy trying to predict where the market is going – but to do so with one topic is pretty difficult. So this year, we’re going to make five technology predictions and see how we do.

Looking back at 2016

In late 2015, I made the prediction that 2016 would usher in GIFEE. 2016 certainly did see a marked uptick in the adoption of containers, especially by IT. We crossed over from the technology largely being the domain of developers and their teams to being implemented and supported by operations teams. While everyone did not adopt Kubernetes (the most closely related container orchestration platform to what is actively used by Google) there was far more interest in platforms to support container deployments.

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Chris Ciborowski named a Docker Captain!

November 15, 2016 10:58 am Published by -

Two weeks ago, Docker named our own Chris Ciborowski a Docker Captain!

This is a prestigious title, granted to individuals in the Docker and container community that have shown technical depth, leadership, and community involvement supporting the Docker project. Chris is one of roughly 60 Captains, globally.

Chris was recognized for his efforts in promoting Docker and his extensive experience in operationalizing containers. He is the founding organizer of the Orange County and San Diego Docker Meetups, and has been actively working with Docker for over three years. In addition, he architected and implemented one of the first production orchestration platforms using Docker Engine CS 1.6 into both Swarm (v.0.2) and Mesos/Marathon environments.

Although he is part of the Nebulaworks leadership team, Chris is active on customer projects and transformation initiatives. When he’s not helping clients and the Nebulaworks team implementing disruptive technologies, he’s out speaking and educating others about the merits of DevOps.

To learn more about the Docker Captain program, visit https://www.docker.com/community/docker-captains.


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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski

Nebulaworks: Now a Docker Premier Consulting Partner

September 13, 2016 9:11 am Published by -

Today marks a significant day for both Nebulaworks and our partner, Docker. This morning Docker announced a new tiered  channel structure. Encompassing changes including a new distribution model to a multi-level designation for SI, consulting, and reseller partners. This is exciting, and has been front of mind for two years.  It brings new potential created by the channel maturation.

Taking it back a couple years

See, we’re a small team of experts that are focused on DevOps and transforming the IT supply chain. To get there companies need changes to communication and collaboration. They also require tools which can remove constraints out of the supply chain. We were looking for these day 1 of Nebulaworks’ launch. Self-service models leveraging APIs to consume resources to pluggable automation and configuration management tools that support a notion of commonality. In addition to these we were particularly intrigued with the packaging of applications. When we saw what Docker was doing all that time ago, something we recognized before all of the pundits, technorati, and the like – was that the docker container was about to change the way that teams develop and deliver software.

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This post was written by Chris Ciborowski

The Tremendous Twos! Happy Birthday Nebulaworks!

January 7, 2016 11:54 am Published by -

Happy Birthday

Hard to believe that another year has flown by.  This month marks Nebulaworks’ 2nd Birthday!

What a two-year-old we’ve become.  I’m asked all the time what it is like to take an idea, turn it into actionable items, and execute.  In the first year, the response was pretty canned – a lot of hard work!  But as we moved into the second year my answer started to change a bit – and now I think I have come up with a good analogy.

For the parents out there, you’ve been through the period called the “terrible twos” with your kids.  Hold up!  Terrible?  I take a completely different view.  Back when my kids were two, in a preemptive strike my wife and I did some research to educate us on how to “survive” this period.  What we learned led me to call this time the “tremendous twos.”  I still look back on it and love that age and I never did agree with the negativity stemming from this developmental period.  Jay L. Hoecker, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic provides a brilliant summary of what we learned:

“While the terrible twos can be difficult for parents and caregivers to navigate, keep in mind that 2-year-olds are undergoing major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes. Their vocabularies are growing, they’re eager to do things on their own, and they’re beginning to discover that they’re expected to follow certain rules.”

Right?  Year two is a very transformative time for a child.  Coming into their own, having a new view on the world and how they relate but not having the communication skills to explain their feelings.  Interesting.  Sounds quite a bit like a company at the two year mark.  How, might you ask?

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To a Happy, Healthy, and Prosperous 2016!

January 1, 2016 12:57 pm Published by - Leave your thoughts

IMG_4765Wishing you all a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2016.  We have some exciting announcements in store for this year, expanding our partnerships with leading technology providers which are key to DevOps, micro services, and containerized application development and delivery.  Stay tuned here and on our twitter channel (@nebulaworks) for more information!

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RIP Ian Murdock

December 30, 2015 9:47 pm Published by - Leave your thoughts

Today, we learned that Ian Murdock had passed away on Monday evening.  While I did not know Ian, we at Nebulaworks pray for Ian’s family and friends, as well as our friends at Docker where Ian called home away from home.

For those who do not know of Ian, he was the founder of the Debian project.  There, he was instrumental in forging what we know today as the open source movement.  He went on to work at Sun Microsystems as the CTO of Project Indiana.

Here is a post by Docker CEO Ben Golub on their blog In Memoriam: Ian Murdock

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Thanks for attending our event: Leveraging Open Source Software and the Cloud in 2015 and Beyond

November 20, 2014 8:41 am Published by - Leave your thoughts

Thanks to all of our customers who attended Leveraging Open Source Software and the Cloud in 2015 and Beyond last night at Bosscat Kitchen and Libations. We had a fantastic evening, talking with you about the cloud and open source software, but most importantly learning about the details around bourbon whiskey.

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Nebulaworks Names Joshua Bradley as Vice President of Engineering

November 11, 2014 4:45 pm Published by - Leave your thoughts

Corona Del Mar, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

Nebulaworks, a leading provider of cloud solutions and IT services, has named Joshua Bradley as Vice President of Engineering. Mr. Bradley’s start is effective November 10, 2014 and he will be located in Southern California.

“The inevitable transition of companies into the cloud presents an opportunity to bring agile and efficient information services to the Enterprise that until now have existed in the realm of public cloud providers,” said Bradley. He continued, “I’m excited to join Gerry and Chris along with a team of talented engineers at Nebulaworks to combine our knowledge and talents together in creating solutions that will help businesses make that leap into the cloud.”

Mr. Bradley will be responsible for the development and direction of the Company’s engineering team, leading the growth and IT transformation for their Clients. In addition, he will be working directly with partners and manufacturers on strategic initiatives related to the company’s cloud solutions.

“Nebulaworks is pleased to have Joshua join the management team as VP of Engineering. Joshua has a diverse background with several technologies and offers a fresh perspective coming from one of the hottest startup’s; Fusion-io. Joshua will dedicate his attention to furthering our strategic technology direction and supporting our Enterprise customers by organizing our engineering team,” said Gerry Fleming, Managing Partner.

Bradley joins Nebulaworks from Fusion-io where he became Director of Sales Engineering for the Americas, and where he built and led engineering teams both in the US and internationally. Prior to Fusion-io Mr. Bradley worked at various IT firms where he led teams in the design and deployment of private infrastructure and complex integrated software solutions.


Nebulaworks is a leading cloud solutions integrator and IT consultancy for Fortune 1000 companies. Serving as cloud delivery and IT enablement experts, Nebulaworks’ extensive experience with open source and cloud technologies empower business innovation and transformation. Our partners and focus technologies include OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, Red Hat, VMware, SoftLayer, Docker, and others.

Nebulaworks is headquartered in Corona Del Mar, California. To learn more about Nebulaworks, please visit http://www.nebulaworks.com.

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Nebulaworks Achieves Enterprise VMware Solution Provider Partnership

October 24, 2014 10:28 am Published by - Leave your thoughts

vmware_ent Corona Del Mar, Calif., October 24, 2014 — As a key component to the Nebulaworks Infrastructure as a Service cloud offerings, Nebulaworks has completed the requirements to achieve the Enterprise VMware Solution Provider partnership accreditation. This achievement, combined with extensive consulting experience on the VMware platform helps Nebulaworks team with clients on projects and solutions which incorporate advanced VMware tools and offerings, include vCloud Air and the vRealize Suite of cloud tools. “This is a big step in our VMware partnership. It is very exciting to be working with our clients on VMware technologies, supporting the maturity of their VMware virtualization infrastructure as they move to private and hybrid cloud computing” says Gerry Fleming, Managing Partner at Nebulaworks. “As companies continue their cloud initiatives, we feel that VMware will certainly remain a cornerstone technology in the datacenter, supporting not only virtualization but more importantly new technologies like Platform as a Service.” In addition to private and hybrid clouds based on VMware technologies, Nebulaworks is leader in enabling web scale applications, DevOps/rapid development, and NoSQL/Big Data deployments utilizing OpenStack, Cloud Foundry and OpenShift Platform as a Service, Docker, and other cloud native technologies. For more information on Nebulaworks and cloud solutions utilizing VMware technologies, call 949-272-9219 or visit the Nebulaworks website at http://www.nebulaworks.com/container-platforms.

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Nebulaworks and Docker – a perfect match

September 18, 2014 1:00 pm Published by - Leave your thoughts


Wow.  Talk about timing.  Sometimes, when things line up it is almost like there was divine intervention.  Well, that is if you believe in divinity.  And in the technology world there is not to much akin to there being a god…unless you are Larry Ellison and you believe yourself to be divine.  I digress.

Let’s talk about why I am excited first.  There are many reasons, most of which being is that I have been there.  No, not from the angle of running an organization which raised some serious VC (congrats to the Docker team, maybe me someday), but rather, from the perspective of sysadmin and team lead facing the challenges which Docker is aiming to solve.  Just thinking of the time which I spent preparing for application upgrades, being “on call” (another phrase really meaning you better get your ass on the bridge) to support the developers and DBAs as new rollouts were going live – recounting the countless hours under fluorescent lights freezing my ass off (yes, I had to be in the data center), and walking in a datacenter at dusk and out a day later at noon, not knowing what time it exactly was – makes me cringe.  OK, it makes me cry.  What if there was a better way to do what countless organizations have done since what seems like going back to the beginning of time?  There must be a better way.

Fast forward a decade, maybe a little longer.   Seems like over the last ten or so years we have cobbled together ways to make the deployment of applications better.  Still, not the optimal way of doing things, but better.  Figuring out how to package up apps from the development environment, troubleshooting in test, and hoping that rollout into production is seamless – and that our scripts made sure the operating environment and supporting infrastructure was in fact ready for roll out.   Maybe implement SOA (along with all of its standards).  And of course I’ve always been a fan of automation.  Which sysadmin isn’t?  Spend the time to think about all of the various outcomes and develop the logic to handle the situations.  Thank you Chef, Puppet, Salt, etc. for making that easier.  But it still doesn’t make it dead simple.  Like develop; push to test, test; push to production.  Not needing to worry (so much) about all of the underlying requirements and the differences between environments.  With Platform as a Service we are getting there and we at Nebulaworks have jumped feet first into helping organization make sense of the concepts.   We think it is going to be big.  But, what about a less complex alternative?  Maybe even something tool or process that allows for a phased approach.  Time to circle back to Docker.

Take the functionality available in a Linux kernel, add a library, and run multiple isolated applications.  Ok, been there done that (see my previous blog post).  But where this gets cool is providing a repository for the applications and services.  Build your container including your app, add required services to support the bits, and deploy.  That is the a-ha moment.  Don’t want all of that in a container?  Cool…create or pull down a different container with the supporting service and link them together.  Let’s do one better – use a layered file system so that we can easily track changes between iterations of that container.  Whaaatt?  Iterative approach that is visible to not only the developers but also the sysadmins?  And add to that – all we need to setup dev, test, and prod is simply install Linux or spin up a VM/instance and manage the underlying capacity?  Fantastic.  And there are tangible benefits to the organization besides the cool factor: easier manageability, greater density of workloads, faster deployments.  Oh, and we haven’t even discussed solving for portability, which we have done so as well.

So about that perfect match.  Nebulaworks was founded on bringing creative, cost-effective, cloud solutions to organizations to help them gain agility and innovate.  We are engineers with a passion for doing this with our customers.  Docker, is looking to let developers and sysadmin build, ship, and run, any app, anywhere.  I believe this allows organizations to address challenges creatively and it certainly has the benefit of being cost effective.  And it also enables agility.  Yes, that is just about a perfect match.

News about our Docker partnership:  Nebulaworks Signs as a Docker System Integrator Partner.  And for more information about container solutions using Docker and other technologies, visit Nebulaworks Container Platforms.

Until next time.


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Nebulaworks launch!

March 24, 2014 8:46 pm Published by - Leave your thoughts

The time has finally come.  With the fanfare of launching a ship on her maiden voyage, we give you Nebulaworks.

Both my business partner and I have long considered what makes great companies tick; culture, offerings, success, failure, and differentiators.  We’ve worked with some of the best – both leaders and organizations.  We have also have witnessed the effects of ill timed and/or poor decisions.  We have both resolved to learn from these mistakes.

So what are we doing differently?  We will dig into our offerings in later posts but right now I’d like to take a moment to discuss our credo.  Unwavering focus to:

  • Educate our clients on innovative and disruptive technologies and methodologies
  • Challenge the status quo…both clients and internally on strategy, process, and operations
  • Facilitate transformation through disruptive cloud technologies and service offerings

These three tenants – simple and easy to keep in the front of our mind – are core competencies which drive us every day.  It is our DNA.

Over the coming weeks and months we will expand our offerings, grow our staff, and engage customers in ways that we believe are distinctly different.  Both Gerry and I plan on writing often as it is through this blog we will represent Nebulaworks; from services discussions, news about the Company, technology reviews, and of course random ramblings – if you decide to read them 🙂

We are very excited…so here is to the next big thing.  For more info about us, head to Nebulaworks, About Us.




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