Continuous Pipelines

DevOps requires new tools, chained together to provide a pipeline and supporting a systems way of thinking. We work with you to develop Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment pipelines for your applications, services, and infrastructure.

Nebulaworks is a HashiCorp SI and Training Partner, a CloudBees Consulting and Training Partner, and a GitHub Partner. Our team has deployed many environments to support high-velocity application development and feature release, creating the backbone of the modern IT supply chain.

To support DevOps initiatives we develop strategies and provide services to build reimagined pipelines of chained tools resulting in an integrated toolchain that enable automated build, test, delivery, and deployment. When complete, we've enabled "git push; deployed."

Development Toolchains

Integrated distributed SCM, CI/CD, artifact repositories & deployment endpoints.

Pipelines as Code

Automate jobs and tasks by leveraging pipelines developed and delivered with code.

Quantitative Modeling

Gather telemetry from CoScale to identify constraints and optimize releases.

Infrastructure as Code

Image packaging with Packer and infrastructure scaffolding with Terraform.

Modern Branching

Implement GitFlow or GitHubFlow to enable more collaboration and faster release.

Feedback Loops

Feedback loops using Slack notifications enhance team collaboration and velocity.

Continuous Pipeline Consulting & Service Offerings

If you are looking to adopt or mature Continuous Build, Test, Delivery, and Deployment pipelines, we provide both advisory consulting and professional services to help you succeed. Like our other services, these are delivered by our internal team, using best practices and expertise gained across a breadth of customer engagements.

  • Terraform Architecture & Implementation
  • Continuous Pipeline Strategy
  • Jenkins Platform Implementation
  • Jenkins CI/CD/CD Pipeline Workshops
  • CI/CD Readiness Assessments
  • Spinnaker Implementations
  • Packer Adoption
  • Continuous Pipeline Pilots
  • CI/CD/CD Toolchain Architecture & Implementation
  • Continuous Pipeline Managed Services
  • Jenkins Health Check
  • Travis CI Implementations