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July 10, 2017

Cisco Systems is placing an emphasis on using docker and had a knowledge gap. They turned to Nebulaworks to provide comprehensive training and education.

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Executive Summary

Cisco is one of the world’s largest network manufacturing companies. They began with routing and switching equipment and evolved to IP telephony, optical networking, security, storage area networking, servers, and wireless technology. Cisco’s customers include large enterprises, commercial businesses, service providers, and consumers. With over 70,000 employees, keeping staff and teams educated on emerging technologies is a challenge. Cisco, a leader in employee learning and development, was interested in providing training on docker; however, finding a company that could meet their rigorous standards proved difficult.

The Challenge

Cisco provides an extensive set of product offerings. In addition, they have always strived to provide consistent interfaces across various products. Continued development and new product release places a strain on thousands of Cisco developers and employees. How can a manufacturer provide enhancements to their products without additional resources and processes? To promote agile development, self-provisioning and teaming while innovating at breakneck speed, Cisco chose containers and DevOps. This created a need for an education partner to support successful adoption.

The Solution

Cisco began evaluating training providers on new and emerging technologies quite some time ago. Unfortunately, most of the companies who they initially worked with did not meet their worldclass learning and development standards. Cisco has extremely high requirements, imposing a stringent review processes to guarantee quality. Through our reputation as technical experts and thought leaders in DevOps, containers, and distributed computing, Nebulaworks was invited to participate in a series of trial classes. The rest is history. In the two years following our initial classes, we have provided training and education to over one thousand Cisco employees. Our training has empowered developers, product managers, and field CTOs to understand DevOps, Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment, as well as real-world workflows. Our approach is different than other companies providing training; our trainers are consultants first, and they draw on their field experience working hands-on with technologies, imparting this information during our classes. Beyond our nationwide coverage, Nebulaworks was also able to provide global reach when called on to perform training for a new team assembled in Bangalore, India. Working with Cisco leadership, Nebulaworks provided the baseline education and training to bootstrap the Indian development team on Docker fundamentals, including in-depth discussions on best-practices and patterns.

Developing Our Partnership

With the successful teaching of Docker classes across the globe for the Cisco teams, together we began to review available classes and ongoing requests from developers and users . We identified a growing need: Experienced administrators and developers were looking for in-depth training on containers and DevOps.

As a result, Nebulaworks developed advanced courses covering previously overlooked topics. Addressing the entire agile application lifecycle, the courses provide in-depth learning on performance tuning, deep understanding of Linux primitives supporting containers, and Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment.


Nebulaworks has provided a foundation of knowledge and guidance enabling various departments to increase the speed and frequency of software delivery. By tailoring training offerings directly to the needs of Cisco, Nebulaworks is able to keep developers and operations teams ahead of the technology curve, able to adjust to market conditions and provide innovative solutions to their enterprise clients around the globe.

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