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The Tremendous Twos! Happy Birthday Nebulaworks!

January 7, 2016

This month marks Nebulaworks' 2nd Birthday! What a two-year-old we've become.

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Happy Birthday

Hard to believe that another year has flown by. This month marks Nebulaworks' 2nd Birthday!

What a two-year-old we’ve become. I’m asked all the time what it is like to take an idea, turn it into actionable items, and execute. In the first year, the response was pretty canned - a lot of hard work! But as we moved into the second year my answer started to change a bit - and now I think I have come up with a good analogy.

For the parents out there, you’ve been through the period called the “terrible twos” with your kids. Hold up!  Terrible? I take a completely different view. Back when my kids were two, in a preemptive strike my wife and I did some research to educate us on how to “survive” this period. What we learned led me to call this time the “tremendous twos.”  I still look back on it and love that age and I never did agree with the negativity stemming from this developmental period. Jay L. Hoecker, M.D. from the Mayo Clinic provides a brilliant summary of what we learned:

“While the terrible twos can be difficult for parents and caregivers to navigate, keep in mind that 2-year-olds are undergoing major motor, intellectual, social and emotional changes. Their vocabularies are growing, they’re eager to do things on their own, and they’re beginning to discover that they’re expected to follow certain rules."

Right? Year two is a very transformative time for a child. Coming into their own, having a new view on the world and how they relate but not having the communication skills to explain their feelings. Interesting. Sounds quite a bit like a company at the two year mark. How, might you ask?

Over the last year we grew in all areas. Customer count and diversity. Project size and complexity. Technology tools and solutions. We added new members to the team. Major intellectual capital came in abundance through adding more to our portfolio and hands-on knowledge garnered in the area of DevOps and distributed micro services. In fact, I couldn’t have fathomed this a year ago. All super exciting and revolutionary, helping us shape the way we approach our next client, the next project, and next challenge.

What we learned has helped our Company recognize real gaps between what you hear in the media and from pundits with what truly works for the enterprise. So, we built expertise to help our clients cross that very chasm. But we are still young, and our vocabulary is not part of the general IT and development lexicon. In fact, it is just starting to become more common!  You see, it was a tremendous time.

Year two was all about growth through knowledge - which was a very transformative year for our organization. That will continue into year three (and beyond). The momentum we’ve built will kick off our third year with a few announcements which we feel will be game-changing in helping the enterprise adopt DevOps and containerized app delivery. In June we’ll be at DockerCon in Seattle with the team, our second year attending. Most importantly, we’re looking forward to helping our current clients reach the next level of automation, optimization and business success while helping new clients succeed with their digital transformation objectives.

As we are out and about at 2016’s conferences, meetups, and events be sure to swing by our presentations and booths. It would be great to meet!

So Happy Birthday Nebulaworks! Here’s to year three!

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Nebulaworks is a premier consultancy focused on engineering the enterprise adoption of DevOps, Cloud, and Open Source tools to support enhanced business performance. We deliver on difficult technology integration challenges and greenfield lighthouse projects supported by streamlined engagements delivered by a highly-skilled team of engineers, enabling the enterprise to quickly achieve new and enhanced outcomes.

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