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Nebulaworks Insight Content Card Background - Jack b london building

Leveraging Kubernetes for ML and GenAI

February 1, 2024

Nebulaworks' Anthony Ramirez to present on how to Leverage Kubernetes for ML and GenAI at NADOG SoCal

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Join us to learn how to leverage Kubernetes for Machine Learning and Generative AI!

Are you interested in how Kubernetes maps into running Machine Learning and Generative AI workloads? In this presentation titled “Harnessing the Future: Leveraging Kubernetes for Machine Learning and Generative AI,” we will discuss how Kubernetes is a catalyst for implementing ML and GenAI workflows. We’ll identify current options for running Kubernetes on a local workstation and in the cloud, and explore different frameworks to accelerate management of AI/ML processes. The talk will include a live example showing how to use these tools to start the AI/ML journey for you and your organization. This presentation is designed to be informative for leaders in technology, software engineers, and technologists.

Topics that Anthony will cover include:

Join us Wednesday, February 28 from 6 - 8:30pm PST at Bar Louie in Tustin, CA. You can register here. If you cannot make it, and would like to have a personalized presentation for your company or your team email

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