Nebulaworks Insight Content Card Background - Ilya studzenok building

Nebulaworks Insight Content Card Background - Ilya studzenok building

Nebulaworks launch!

March 24, 2014

Ladies & gents, the time has finally come, we give you Nebulaworks! A Consulting and SI firm built by engineers for engineers.

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The time has finally come. With the fanfare of launching a ship on her maiden voyage, we give you Nebulaworks.

Both my business partner and I have long considered what makes great companies tick; culture, offerings, success, failure, and differentiators. We’ve worked with some of the best - both leaders and organizations. We have also have witnessed the effects of ill timed and/or poor decisions. We have both resolved to learn from these mistakes.

So what are we doing differently?  We will dig into our offerings in later posts but right now I’d like to take a moment to discuss our credo.  Unwavering focus to:

These three tenants - simple and easy to keep in the front of our mind - are core competencies which drive us every day.  It is our DNA.

Over the coming weeks and months we will expand our offerings, grow our staff, and engage customers in ways that we believe are distinctly different. Both Gerry and I plan on writing often as it is through this blog we will represent Nebulaworks; from services discussions, news about the Company, technology reviews, and of course random ramblings - if you decide to read them :-)

We are very excited…so here is to the next big thing.



About Nebulaworks

Nebulaworks is a premier consultancy focused on engineering the enterprise adoption of DevOps, Cloud, and Open Source tools to support enhanced business performance. We deliver on difficult technology integration challenges and greenfield lighthouse projects supported by streamlined engagements delivered by a highly-skilled team of engineers, enabling the enterprise to quickly achieve new and enhanced outcomes.

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