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Driving Cloud Native Operations with HashiCorp

July 23, 2020

Nebulaworks and HashiCorp team up to bring you all the latest in cloud native operations, managed containers and kubernetes, and IaC insights.

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Nebulaworks & HashiCorp hosted a webinar on Thursday, July 23rd, 2020, featuring Anthony Ramirez, Director of Consulting at Nebulaworks, and Jake Lundberg, Regional Solutions Engineer at HashiCorp.

This webinar includes the following topics:

  1. An introduction of Nebulaworks & HashiCorp and our respective impact in helping companies achieve their cloud native operations.
  2. A customer reference story - Deployment of a managed Kubernetes Platform in AWS (EKS) with Terraform, Consul, and Vault in 6 weeks.
  3. Learn the role Terraform plays in the lifecycle of Infrastructure as Code (IaC).
  4. Gain insight into how to structure IaC in a repository designed for collaboration and scale.
  5. Hear tips and tricks on optimally leveraging AWS resources.

Insight Authors

Anthony Ramirez, Director of Consulting Anthony Ramirez Director of Consulting Nebulaworks Jake Lundberg Jake Lundberg Regional Solutions Engineer HashiCorp
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