Nebulaworks Insight Content Card Background - Zara walker london architecture

Nebulaworks Insight Content Card Background - Zara walker london architecture

We reached 500 members with our Cloudnatives group!

June 2, 2019

Celebrate with Nebulaworks as we've grown our DevOps meetup group, Cloudnatives, to 500 members in the past year.

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In 2017 we started a Meetup: Orange County DevOps - with the intention to educate the local technical community on DevOps adoption. Fast forward a year later, we’re almost at 500 members! As a celebration and readiness to expand our group, we have decided to rebrand our Meetup to Cloudnatives!

The Cloudnatives Mission: To facilitate the sharing of knowledge and experiences to promote the use and adoption of DevOps, Cloud, and Open Source processes, methods, and tools. We believe in a community that meets in a non-threatening environment, free from sales and non-technical discussion is necessary to invoke personal learning and development. This, in turn, fosters team collaboration, sharing, leveraging modern tools, and high degrees of automation to build a better growth and IT supply chain.

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