It Pays to Modernize Traditional Applications with Docker

Would you like to take your existing applications and run them in the cloud or on modern infrastructure with few changes? If so, leveraging Docker can help bootstrap this transformation.

How can you save time and money with containerized applications?

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Hybrid Cloud Portability

Benefit #1: Hybrid Cloud Portability

Package application code and dependencies together into lightweight, stand-alone containers. This eliminates the “works on my machine” problem so that the containers can run in a new environment without issue regardless of the different configurations and dependencies between environments. Once packaged, the container can easily be deployed to any environment with a single Docker command. Quickly enable cloud migration, accelerate tech refresh cycles or burst to the cloud.

Increased App Security

Benefit #2: Increased App Security

Packaging legacy applications into containers allows them to inherit the built-in security capabilities of Docker without any changing the source code, thus reducing the attack surface of older applications by providing the minimal amount of host resources required and nothing more. Additionally, Docker EE provides a secure supply chain for containers to be created, scanned, signed, shared and deployed. Security Scanning provides a deep visibility with a Bill of Materials (BOM) of all the packages and version numbers included in the application and their current vulnerability status.

CapEx and OpEx Efficiency

Benefit #3: CapEx and OpEx Efficiency

Over 90% of an application’s total cost of ownership (TCO) is incurred after the initial deployment. From ongoing maintenance, deployments, support and scaling, these tasks add up to thousands of hours per year per application multiplied by hundreds to thousands of applications. Modernizing legacy applications with Docker EE allows IT ops teams to dramatically streamline the operational tasks like provisioning, deployment and updates. On average, Docker customers experience up to 75% time savings with provisioning and deployment and overall 10X reduction in total hours spent maintaining and supporting a single application.

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Time and Money Savings by Leveraging Docker