Our Approach

DevOps Transformation, Engineered. Engagements with the Nebulaworks' team achieve quantifiable results fast by embedding our team to up-skill and educate teams, identify lodestar projects that will successfully implement change, and demonstrate new process and tools to drive innovation.

The backbone of Nebulaworks' consulting services is our Transformative Methodology. Our mission is drive innovation by leveraging DevOps and cloud technology adoption. The methodology is a proven, step-by-step approach: Educate, Build, Adopt, and Innovate.

Our experts identify constraints, areas impacted by change in application development, infrastructure consumption, business strategy, organizational structure, and financial impact. Drawing on our expertise in people, processes and tools, we work together to design and deliver winning strategies that are rapidly implemented to significantly improve team, technology, and business performance.

The Nebulaworks Transformative Methodology

Transformative Methodology - Learn


Transformative Methodology - Build


Transformative Methodology - Adopt


Transformative Methodology - Innovate



Before we start with change, be it assessment to deployment of tools we provide a foundation of education. Often times this for key stakeholders in projects and typically spans from developers to operations team members. We've even had product teams take part in this phase of adoption.

Our engagement approach here takes three forms: Workshops, official training and custom education. Depending on the focus of our engagement we may leverage one or all three. Official training we teach on behalf of our partners, custom educational material is created specifically for you. Workshops provide a less formal approach to baseline knowledge setting.

The goal from this level of working together is to set a common vocabulary, so when we talk about a specific tool or process in a given context we are all in agreement and we can streamline discussions and move quickly and accurately through gating decision making, and help identify a lodestar initiative.


Once we get to the point where collectively we are ready to begin work, we need to Build. Identifying our lodestar, or focus initiative, we work toward building a new way to approach your goal that uses DevOps principles.

Our engagement with you in this phase includes readiness assessments, advisory consulting, and professional services across our focus areas: Containers, Continuous Pipelines, Cloud Adoption, Enterprise DevOps, and Application Modernization.

When we've finishing building, we'll have gathered a considerable amount of knowledge and completed services in adopting a modern tool set, practices, and have built out toolchains, platforms, and pipelines to your specifications. We will have also proven out our initial initiative objectives providing a foundation for broad adoption.


When we completed our lodestar project, the first step in getting you on the road to DevOps adoption and transformation, together we are ready to apply what we have learned collectively and drive additional business value. Taking a new approach to development and operations alignment, process, and toolchains and drive adoption.

Together, we work through the continued use of processes, deployments, and migrations specific to your environment applied to new goals, leveraging the work that we have completed previously. For example, in the adoption phase we could be taking an application with higher risk profile from virtual machine and migrating it to a container, along with networking data services into a CaaS platform with high degreess of automation. We work hand in hand, embedded with yoru team to move quickly and answer your questions.

This extends the early work we completed, taking a step from low-risk applications and services and extending to higher risk, and higher business vaule services. Additionally, it provides the necessary data points and feedback to continue maturation and drive iterative, progressive change.


Having your real code and services in place, leveraging production continuous pipelines that automatically take commits from branch through test, delivery, and deployment, we have a foundation to drive new application and service creation at high velocity. This starts the flywheel of businesss innovation.

Innovation comes in the form of providing value to your customers, directly meeting their needs. How you accomplish this can be through developing new applications and services or moderninzing and optimizing existing applications. In either case, we are your guide through this process, helping you identify the best ways to become forward thinking and high-performing.

Iterating through the metrics and feedback from the automation and optimized processes allows you to continue refinining team alignments. You are also now in the position to evalute the constant stream of disruptive tools in the context of business support. We refer to this as taking shadow IT and accelerating it, with proper governance, allowing the business to run at full speed.

DevOps Managed Services

We don't quit once the implementation work is done, or, if you need help continuing support of your envionment. Continued access to our resources and ongoing maintenance of your environment and workflows is critical as your company adopts new technologies and practices. Our knowledge of your environment and ability to quickly assess your deployments provides quick integration, accurate answers to questions and keeps everything operating at peak performance.

Get the DevOps Managed Services Brief

Nebulaworks takes a different approach to managed services. By combining your internal technical resources with the scalability of our consulting and partner network we are able to support more technologies at a lower cost. You don't need to spend the time, and money to hire and train new teams just to make a transition to a DevOps model. Our ongoing support helps bridge the knowledge gap with new tools and processes which make up container-based service deployment and orchestration, allowing your developers to focus on developing, not managing environments.

If you are not interested in building a team to continuously update and manage automation and platform technology, we have a solution: DevOps Managed Services. By selecting a monthly service level on a per-environment basis allows you to consume the support that you require. We believe the entire Information Technology stack, both people and technology, are critical to keep DevOps methodologies running at their peak performance. As you move development closer to production support, to the extreme "NoOps" (where developers support their own microservices, a.k.a. the "Netflix model") there are new challenges in supporting your platforms. The cost to keep staff on board, trained, and up to speed on all related technology is overwhelming.

By engaging Nebulaworks we provide the required expertise and skill to provide management and support of your platforms and expertise to your developers and internal resources. We can support all aspects of DevOps and operations, from the compute, storage, network, virtualization, operating system, containers, all the way to developer tools, platforms, and CI/CD tooling, leaving your team to keep the focus on the business.

Taking this a step further, as you make the transition to deploying services in a hybrid or public cloud, we extend the same benefits beyond the four walls of the data center providing the same insight across platforms and geographies.

For more information on how the Nebulaworks Managed Services offerings can help you save money, become more efficient, and scale effectively, Contact Us