Sad but true: Solaris and SPARC are dead. It's time to migrate to Linux and Docker Containers

The news yesterday should have you concerned if you are a Solaris and SPARC customer. Oracle has laid off the teams...where does that leave you?

Now is the time to migrate your Solaris Zones and Applications to Linux and containers. We've got the experience to help.

Migrate Now

Identify the Applications

Step 1: Identify the Best App and Service Candidates

It's very true that Zones are not Containers, and Linux is not UNIX. However, just because there are some major differences it doesn't mean that there are not candidate applications that can be migrated at low risk and in a short time frame. We've migrated applications to containers for the past three years and have a process of evaluating applications and services for container readiness, including the ability to migrate code and dependencies to Linux and containers.

Build the Container Platform

Step 2: Build a Container Platform to Support Migration

Fact. You'll need a place to run the containers as we won't be leveraging you SPARC hardware. We evaluate the needs of your applications and services; including networking, security, and storage, and choose the right container platform to support the migration effort. We've built production container platforms leveraging all of the most popular tools including Kubernetes, Docker EE, Docker Swarm, Mesos/Marathon, Mesosphere DC/OS, AWS Elastic Container Service, and Google Container Engine.

Migrate and Operationalize

Step 3: Migrate to Containers and Operationalize the Apps

We've got the apps and services identified and the platform built, it's time to migrate them to containers and operationalize them. As containers are different than your Solaris Zones and SPARC deployments it is likely that your logging and metrics collection systems are going to need to be updated, and, you'll also need to address the process and pipelines that test and deliver your code and dependencies. Our resources know the operational details needed to get to a production state.

Move to Containers Today

Waiting for Oracle to send a lifeboat isn't going to happen and procrastinating won't help. We can help you formulate a plan to migrate the right apps and services with the least amount of risk to your business. Talk to us and learn about our approach.








And Gain the Benefits of Time and Money Savings Over VM or Bare Metal Deployments