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Team Nebulaworks

David Oliver

Senior Software Engineer

Known as “Davido” among his peers, David is a Sr. Cloud Engineer with nearly a decade of experience in areas such as business process optimization, web development, data analysis, automation, and Infrastructure as Code. After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, David joined a small San Diego startup in the fintech sector as a data analyst. His insights and skillset allowed him to transfer to a software engineering role within a Django stack, which paved the way for a successful incubator program to groom other analysts into software engineers. David then transitioned into a DevOps role around the time of that startup’s acquisition, which quickly broadened his horizons, and has witnessed firsthand the benefits of DevOps Transformation and Infrastructure as Code as that small startup become part of a larger enterprise. With a passion for automation, open-source, and Infrastructure as Code, David is an eager problem-solver ready and willing to tackle our customers' biggest pain points.

In his spare time, David is an avid gamer with a particular soft spot toward retro and classic arcade games. He is also a highly-ranked competitive pinball player, currently ranked among the top 250 players in the world, and frequently travels to shows across the country to play in large tournaments. When he’s not gaming or coding at his desk, or putting up high scores on San Diego’s pinball machines, you can catch David on a bike, at various brewpubs or KBBQ joints, or jamming away to Future Funk.