Key Innovation Partners & Tools

DevOps and modern software supply chains are enabled with today's new tools. These technologies are more scalable, more efficient, and can be deployed at a significant cost savings.

We feel that a new breed of technologies are critical to support DevOps and new IT supply chains. We help you by creatively integrating open source and commercial tools to deliver IT better. You'll be prepared for transformation and be able to support your business evolution better. From distributed source code management to continuous deployment pipelines you achieve higher quality code and greater scalability.

Nebulaworks has a number of design-in partners and tools, including GitHub, CloudBees, Twistlock, and CoScale that are part of our solutions and expertise in many others such as Kubernetes, Mesosphere, and Prometheus, to name a few. Here are our key partners in innovation that comprise the foundation for our transformation initiatives.



Docker is becomming the new standard for delivering applications and microservices. By packaging dependencies and application code together in a portable unit, the container, you enable portability and flexibility not previously found with other artifact formats. In addition, the build and deployment manifests are written as code, allowing teams to highly automate the Continuous Build, Test, Delivery and Deployment process.

Nebulaworks is a Premier Docker Consulting Partner and a Training Partner, and is Docker Inc.'s go-to partner for consulting and training initiatives, including the newly announced Modernizing Traditional Applications offering.



HashiCorp has spent the engineering hours to build the tools required to automate, deliver, and manage infrastructure as code (IaC), deploy distributed service catalogs, and secure distributed applications and microservices. Their tools, which span development to operations requirements are the "glue" that enables modern development and IaC pipelines.

Nebulaworks is a HashiCorp Systems Integration partner, recognized for our technical expertise in the integration of the HashiCorp tool stack, and is the only HashiCorp Training partner in North America, able to provide official and custom training on the HashiCorp tools.


Amazon Web Services

While there are reasons to utilize on premises technology for security or compliance, AWS provides substantial benefits to companies who can migrate or design applications specifically to the cloud. AWS is a market leader providing customers the scale and features necessary to develop and release applications at high velocity using modern IaC and development pipelines.

Nebulaworks is an AWS Consulting Partner and utlizes AWS for our transformation projects. Depending on requirements we leverage all of the AWS offerings in an AWS-first approach, or, supplement with open source or commercial tools to provide hybrid architectures.