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Introducing dockerflow™

dockerflow™ is a packaged offering to deliver a lighthouse project using a DevOps approach

We believe there is an easier way to learn the skills and create an environment that demonstrates modern processess and toolchain integration. Based on over four years of real-world customer deployments and delivery, our team has assembled a consumable model to help you successfully take the first step in achieving the highest degree of automation, advanced application and infrastructure pipelines, and cloud adoption.


dockerflow™ Features

  • Distributed source code management for app and infrastructure code
  • A production-grade Continuous Integration, Delivery and Deployment toolchain
  • Automated Continuous Pipelines for application and infrastructure build, test, and deployment
  • Secure and automated authoring process and repository for container images
  • Immutable and idemponent infrastructure delivery using Infrastructure as Code
  • A production-grade container orchestration platform with telemetry and service discovery
  • Upskilling and training on the dockerflow™ process and toolchain
  • One year of Continuous Services to support successful dockerflow™ adoption

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Our team has fostered DevOps adoption for many industry leaders, providing strategic business advisory and professional services for technology implementation

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Successful DevOps, microservices and multi-cloud adoption requires new tech. We're experts in modern tools developed by HashiCorp, Amazon Web Services, Docker, and cutting-edge open source software like Kubernetes.

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