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AWS Consulting & Engineering

Nebulaworks is an expert at delivering services using Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. From Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) deployments to datacenter-to-cloud (D2C) migrations, we have you covered.

An AWS-first Philosophy scaled by Software Engineering Principles

Adopting AWS for small proof of concepts or initial deployments using existing processes and tools is a great place to start. However, to achieve the results the cloud promises, we combine our AWS experience and expertise with Software Engineering principles to build scalable infrastructure that is resilient, right-sized, and cost- effective.

AWS Services

Nebulaworks works with all AWS service offerings to build, deploy, and manage the lifecycle of your applications

Container Adoption

Since 2014 we have been using containers, deploying in AWS utilizing EKS, ECS and delivering just-in-time workloads with Lambda functions. Using our experience with AWS tooling delivers the promises of containerized applications in AWS.

High-Performance Computing

Some scientific and research initiatives demand access to massive computing systems. We build and deploy to AWS Parallel and Batch Compute for some of the largest workloads to run on AWS.

Custom Data ETL and Datalakes

We develop tailored data extraction, transformation, and loading pipelines to integrate diverse data sources, optimizing interoperability and enabling comprehensive profiles for informed decision-making. Our team has experience in AWS data-centric tooling meshed with research and scientific languages and frameworks.

Platform Engineering and DevOps

AWS is best adopted when the silos of development, operations, and enterprise architecture are broken down, enabling continuous feedback loops that reduce costs and downtime while accelerating transformation. We are experts in the use of AWS-native tooling and processes to adopt the cloud as promised.

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A structured and well-formulated framework is crucial for organizations aiming to establish robust, efficient, and high-performing infrastructures. Our simplified 4-Tier Architecture Framework is designed to offer succinct guidelines and industry-leading practices, ensuring that your systems are secure, economically viable, and performing at their peak.

Operational Mastery

Operational Mastery refers to the proficiency in managing and optimizing organizational operations. This tier concentrates on continuous monitoring, incident resolution, procedure evolution, and ensuring seamless functioning of operations. It enables organizations to rapidly innovate and adapt while maintaining a secure, reliable, and high-availability environment.

Security Resilience

Security Resilience underscores the importance of protecting assets, information, and systems. This tier involves implementing robust security protocols, maintaining confidentiality, controlling access, and conducting periodic audits to identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. It shields the infrastructure against potential risks, guaranteeing uninterrupted business development and bolstering customer confidence.

Performance Proficiency

Performance Proficiency aims at using technologies and resources effectively to meet the dynamic needs of the business. This tier stresses the significance of harnessing cloud services, embracing emerging technologies, and optimizing resources to deliver unparalleled value, ensuring the organization remains competitive and progressive.

Economic Efficiency

Economic Efficiency is centered around proficiently managing costs while maintaining high performance and quality. It involves the judicious allocation of resources, ongoing cost analysis, and monitoring resource consumption to ensure fiscal responsibility and allow for the redirection of savings towards innovation and enhanced value creation.

Our AWS Partnership

Unlock limitless scaling and robust performance with AWS, where innovation meets world-class infrastructure, empowering you to redefine business agility and accelerate your journey to the cloud.

Consulting Services

Engineering Pillars

Nebulaworks Engineering Services.

As a consultancy that is founded on leveraging engineering principles to solve business challenges, we choose to utilize technologies that enable open, scalable, and iterative platform and product development.


We embrace AWS, Azure, and GCP paried with cloud engineering practices like infrastructure as code, trunk based development, and cloud-first services to accelerate innovation and deliver business value.


Data Engineering services designed to architect, implement, and optimize your data infrastructure, ensuring it's scalable, reliable, and secure. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best practices, we empower your organization to harness the full potential of your data.


Product engineering approach to both development and IT operations allows the business to accelerate and achieve new business outcomes by following established cadences that deliver cutting edge software products.

It's not all about the tools.
It's all about the team.

Technological and cultural change starts when the focus is on developing the team's skillset, collaboration, and process to deliver software.