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Learn To Trust Yourself in Life and Business: An Interview with Mitchell Hashimoto

November 15, 2018

An in-depth perspective on life and business from the man, the myth, the legend ... Mitchell Hashimoto.

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At Nebulaworks, we believe in challenging the status quo through DevOps, Cloud and Open Source adoption. We know no single toolset will solve all technical challenges because digitally innovating includes people and processes. Companies like Google and Amazon understand this well and are moving at a fast speed, but what about the non-Googles or non-Amazons? As a Marketing Specialist at Nebulaworks, I thought, who would be better to discuss business transformation, the importance of building workflows that are technology agnostic, how solutions do not always start with business leaders, and much more other than Mitchell Hashimoto.

For those who may not be aware, Mitchell Hashimoto is a Co-founder and CTO at HashiCorp where he directs the company’s vision, values, product design, and culture. Mitchell and his team have created several popular open source tools that have helped engineering teams automate their deployment process. He is best known for Vagrant, Consul, Packer, and Vault. Hashimoto majored in Computer Science at the University of Washington and is a recent newlywed.

During his time at UW, he started his first popular open source project: Vagrant, that led him to cofound HashiCorp with his partner, Armon Dadgar. Mitchell and Armon are committed to delivering software tools to support next-generation technologies that will empower companies worldwide to re-engineer their workflows.

Key Questions I Ask:

“You have to take some risks and it’s hard. You got to find the right people that want to do that.” - Mitchell Hashimoto

Mitchell’s Approach:

Plus much more

Connect with Mitchell:

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