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Lightning Talks April 2020

April 30, 2020

Join Rob Jahn and Erez Schwarz as they discuss service-level objectives for microservices in CI/CD and how to use CI tools to enforce security.

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For our recent Cloudnatives webinar, we invited Rob Jahn, Technical Partner Manager @ Dynatrace and Erez Schwarz, Sr. Solutions Architect Director @ Aqua Security for a 30-minute lightning talk!

Talk 1: Embracing service-level-objectives of your microservices in your CI/CD

Unfortunately, a robust CI/CD pipeline with well-defined tests does not guarantee a failure-safe application in production. That is since many microservices are interwoven and dependent on each other. Some of them have to handle hundreds of thousands of requests, while others are merely for batch processing of data. Therefore, it is crucial to define the objectives and quality metrics of individual services in terms of service level objectives as code.

Talk 2: Shifting left - How to use Continuous Integration tools to bring security into the DevOps world

In today’s modern software factories, organizations are shifting security to the left. No longer just the purview of firewalls, security needs to be built in during development and deployment processes. By doing so, organizations can ensure they are limiting vulnerabilities getting into production while cutting costs of both downtime and code rework.

Insight Authors

Rob Jahn Rob Jahn Technical Partner Manager Dynatrace Erez Schwarz Erez Schwarz Sr. Solutions Architect Director Aqua Security
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