Nebulaworks Careers

Do you like being part of a dynamic, passionate team looking to transform the way companies deliver applications and IT? If you do, keep reading.

Nebulaworks is changing the face of IT. We believe in challenging the status quo of IT delivery, and the right way to deliver IT is with DevOps. What do you believe?  We are a true startup where your ambition, creativity, and focus will drive the future of our company.  We need the best of the best with experience in cloud technologies, DevOps work flows and tooling, and a focus on open source software.  Passionate about work, but also passionate about our individuality and life-work balance.  So bring your hobbies and interests too!

If you are a cloud architect, software developer, Linux engineer, or project manager interested in a full-time or contracting opportunity, let us know about your top-notch skills by sending us a resume!

Why Nebulaworks?

With Nebulaworks, you gain the unique opportunity of contributing to IT's transformation. We are innovating...a key differentiator and our culture.  If you are accepted; we will ask for a lot you...but you will define strategies for industry leaders and set the momentum for our customers cultural shift.

It's all about BALANCE

We learned long ago that a happy and cohesive team accomplish great things. And to be happy it is all about what makes you, YOU.  This is life-work balance. See our bios to get an example of what we do in our personal time.


The sky is the limit when it comes to giving back. Nebulaworks is involved with charities and we ask our team to participate.  This keeps us grounded and appreciative of what we have.


There is more to the job than cool technology and helping customers.  Unfortunately,  mortgage companies only take money as a form of payment.  We offer a competitive compensation package for all positions including medical, dental, and of course, paid vacation.

Current Openings

Here is a list of our current openings

Site Reliability Engineer (SRE)

Do you have ninja-like Linux skills as an experienced systems administrator combined with experience in developing applications? If so, you may be a fit for our our SRE openings. We're looking for folks with deep experience in Linux or Windows, shell scripting, programming in JavaScript, Ruby, and Python (GO would be great!). Enterprise architecture of distributed systems and management of cloud environments with production workloads is a HUGE plus.

Continuous Pipeline Engineer (CPE)

The Continuous Pipeline Engineer provides architecture and engineering advice to both new and existing customers on the development and deployment of Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment piplelines. Using your knowledge in high CI/CD toolchains comprised of software sucha as Jenkins, CircleCI, Helm, Spinnaker, as well as Configuration as Code tools (like Ansible, Puppet, and Chef) you will be delivering modern, highly automated pipelines supporting the SDLC and IaC.

Senior Cloud Engineer

The Senior Cloud Engineer provides architecture and engineering advice to both new and existing customers on new sales opportunities. Using your knowledge in high performance computing, public cloud computing platforms (AWS, Azure, GCE) software defined compute, networking, storage, and massively scalable orchestration tools (Kubernetes, Mesos/Marathon, Docker Swarm), you will be delivering cutting edge solutions to our customers for their cloud-native applications.