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Nebulaworks: Now a Docker Premier Consulting Partner

September 13, 2016

The moment we've all been waiting for, Nebulaworks is now a Docker Primier Consulting Partner!

Recent Updates

Today marks a significant day for both Nebulaworks and our partner, Docker. This morning Docker announced a new tiered channel structure. Encompassing changes including a new distribution model to a multi-level designation for SI, consulting, and reseller partners. This is exciting, and has been front of mind for two years. It brings new potential created by the channel maturation.

Taking it back a couple years

See, we’re a small team of experts that are focused on DevOps and transforming the IT supply chain. To get there companies need changes to communication and collaboration. They also require tools which can remove constraints out of the supply chain. We were looking for these day 1 of Nebulaworks' launch. Self-service models leveraging APIs to consume resources to pluggable automation and configuration management tools that support a notion of commonality. In addition to these we were particularly intrigued with the packaging of applications. When we saw what Docker was doing all that time ago, something we recognized before all of the pundits, technorati, and the like - was that the docker container was about to change the way that teams develop and deliver software.

So we took a risk, contacting a company with zero channel program. Back then there was no formal way to engage and no commercial products to sell. But that wasn’t what we wanted. In fact, we told Docker that all of that wasn’t necessary. As an engineering led team we had an understanding of the underlying technology and similarities with tools like Solaris Zones. See, we thought deeper about the partnership: We would augment their team from a technical perspective, helping faciliate customer discussions and providing training to the innovators who were early in adopting the technology. In return, our ask was that as we “grow up” together that they remember the effort we put in early and often. So we forged a relationship based on these principles, with a long-term view based on a foundation of trust.

And it has worked out, brilliantly.

Today is one example of the results of our partnership: Nebulaworks has been elevated to a Docker Premier Consulting Partner. One of a handful, recognized with the largest SIs. This is the result of hard work by our team but also going back to the trust that Docker placed with Nebulaworks a result of the accomplishments that we forged together.

Recently I have been asked about the impact this announcement will have on my company, as well as the channel at large. Simply put, it:

  1. Distinguishes Nebulaworks based on 2 years of technical expertise utilizing Docker technologies in the DevOps toolchain
  2. Allows Docker to focus on the top-tier partners who have committed early, further enhancing the existing partnership and driving mutual success.

The result? Customers will be able to easily find the expertise that they need to support successful implementations. The community will be exposed to more events to bootstrap knowledge and understanding. And as more companies adopt docker technology it will become the standard tool supporting application development and delivery.

Can’t wait for what the future has in store.

About Nebulaworks

Nebulaworks is a premier consultancy focused on engineering the enterprise adoption of DevOps, Cloud, and Open Source tools to support enhanced business performance. We deliver on difficult technology integration challenges and greenfield lighthouse projects supported by streamlined engagements delivered by a highly-skilled team of engineers, enabling the enterprise to quickly achieve new and enhanced outcomes.

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