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Nebulaworks Insight Content Card Background - Ilya studzenok building

Almost can't contain's time for DockerCon 2015

June 19, 2015 Chris Ciborowski

Are you ready for DockerCon 2015? We know we are, and we can't wait to see you there!

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Exciting times. Very exciting times. And yes, pun intended. :)

It is hard to believe that a year has passed since the last DockerCon took place in San Francisco. At the time, we were a brand new company, just getting started in the business of helping companies deploy applications, better. We were a sponsor at the Cloud Foundry Summit, and while there we kept hearing buzz about this small conference and a technology called Docker. I’d say more talk about Docker than CF during the three days we were in SF, no doubt.

Since we had already been working with microservices and distributed application architectures deployed on PaaS, we were already familiar with why Docker would be ground breaking. In fact, I had experience with similar technologies going back to BSD and Solaris (albeit from an infrastructure perspective) so we immediately saw the business value (whereas PaaS was a bit more difficult to explain, but that is another discussion). As a company, we started on our path to help customers understand the benefit of containerized application delivery, working with Docker and the container ecosystem at large. Remember that giddy feeling when you worked with a new tool that made your life easier?  Yeah, that’s how we felt, something as a team we hadn’t experienced for a long time.

Fast forward twelve months. We have had a couple big wins with Docker as both a consulting and training partner. As a foundation for Application Logistics; delivering software better through DevOps, Docker provides key functionality in streamlining workflows and SDLC pipelines. We have a unique perspective on the immense benefits of the technology. As a consultancy we have architected and delivered technology and optimizations which have both enhanced software delivery processes and enabled DevOps transitions. We have also trained over 200 people from all types of companies from the largest US telcos, financial institutions, network equipment manufacturers, SaaS providers, and others, having heard how they are going to use containers to deploy their applications and services. What we can say, unequivocally, is that containerized application delivery is NOT a fad and it is not a flash in the pan.

Why you ask?

Quite simple, really. What technology can you point to - possibly since machine virtualization itself - that has such a dead simple business impact?  OK, look back at the former. Problem: Under utilization of compute resources, running out of space and power, while paying big $ on hardware and support. Solution: With a P2V conversion consolidate existing hardware, drive up utilization and drive down data center costs. Done and done, everyone jumped onboard. Looking at one of today’s problems: Software development and delivery takes too long due to inefficiencies, resulting in missed market opportunities ($). Solution: Quickly develop and deploy applications in composable, infrastructure agnostic containers using efficient continuous integration and delivery pipelines easily integrated into operations processes. Exceed business unit expectations. Profit. Scale. Profit.

So yeah I’m excited. I am excited we are the only Docker Authorized Consulting and Authorized Training partner sponsoring the conference. I am excited to hear the announcements. I am excited to talk to like-minded individuals about innovation and IT transformation. And I am excited to have some really good coffee!

If you are headed to DockerCon, safe travels to SF. Definitely stop by the kiosk or grab us and introduce yourself and say hello…you’ll recognize us by our shirts :)

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